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Tohru Honda is 16. She is an orphaned high school student. Tohru ends up sharing house with Shigure, Yuki and Kyo Sohma.

She loves to cook, is an excellent housekeeper and has an after school job as a janitor to help pay her tuition fees (since she doesn't want to be a burden on her grandfather). She's always polite, and is extremely (to an unbelievable extent) kind and selfless; in fact, the other characters sometimes have to tell her that she needs to look out for her own interests. Both of her parents are deceased. Her Mother, Kyoko, was a celebrated "yankee"-gang leader, and her father was a young high school teacher. Her Father died of pneumonia when Tohru was three years old and her mother of a car accident when Tohru first entered High school.

Tohru is a very kind girl who is always looking on the bright side of everything. Despite the attitude anyone else shows her, she always shows kindness. She even influenced Kyo and Yuki to tone the constant fighting down.

She is usually very deep in thought, and due to this fact, she is very clumsy. In turn for her room at Shigure's house, she cleans the house and makes all their meals for them. And no matter how much Yuki or Kyo get depressed or angry, she never gives up trying to get them to look on the bright side. She even blows all of her money to buy everyone chocolates for Valentine's day.

Before she met Yuki and Shigure, she had been living in a tent on what she did not know was their property. Tohru was at first only offered a night there to recover from a fever. Then in the morning, Yuki asked her if she would like to stay there. Things get interesting when she finds out the Sohma family curse.


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The Blog of Tohru Honda...

Monday, July 21, 2014

adventure out

I learned a new recipe today. I think I still need to polish making it, but Shigure-san, Kyo and Sohma-kun said that it tasted fine. It's a western dish, and it looked interesting to try out. When I asked for their honest opinion about it, I'm relieved that they said they were fine trying out a new dish for dinner. I was super worried, because I tried the new recipe upfront for dinner and I did not prepare anything else. So if it ended up as a failed dish, then dinner would've been a waste. And I absolutely can't waste food!

It was super hot today. It was so hot that I thought it would rain tonight. The good thing is, the clothes dried faster than I expected. I bought the ingredients yesterday and I'm glad I bought them early. I got dizzy going home in the afternoon, because of the weather. The sky was clear and it made the sun more intense. Usually when it gets super hot, a thunderstorm follows in the night. Tomorrow looks sunny again according to the weather channel.

Shigure-san asked me if I have a credit card. I told him that I don't have one yet. Is it a big deal? Shigure-san said that it helps to have a credit history in the future. I guess I'll be signing up for one then. I don't have any close relatives to ask for guidance how to use a credit card properly. I can ask Shigure-san, but I don't know if he was just asking out of curiosity or if he's hinting that I should own a credit card. I don't want to bother him about financial matters. Is it really complicated to own one?

I'm still A- Okay. 9:17 PM

Friday, February 14, 2014

good job, me!

dear diary,

The hardwork was well worth it. I prepared some chocolates for everyone and just seeing the smiles on their faces were enough to make me happy. I borrowed Hana-chan's kitchen on this task. I wanted to keep it as a surprise and Hana-chan's family didn't mind storing all the chocolates in their fridge.

I had to make something extra special for Hana-chan and her family for accommodating me. It's strange that they'd casually accept my request. I had a feeling as if they knew beforehand of my Valentine's Day plan. To be storing that much chocolate, it looks like I was making a lot so I could sell them to strangers. It's funny.

On my errand, I gave the last chocolate for Akito-san. She just smiled at me afterwards, but it felt like she was sincere about it. She seems to keep quiet still. How long has it been since I've heard her speak? But she looks healthy in general. Kureno-san offered me to have tea with him, but I humbly refused, because it looked like I was intruding. I came home around 8pm. I still had to cook dinner. Shigure-san said that we could just order out and he wouldn't let me. I didn't want them to spend at my expense. They ordered out in the end.

I feel like I'll be able to sleep well tonight. Good job, me!

I'm still A- Okay. 10:00 PM

Saturday, February 01, 2014

it's February!

dear diary,

It's February and I've started working overtime because of the 14th. I want to give chocolates again this year. But to do that, I'd have to save a lot of money. I'm used to the hardwork already. It's also not really demanding at school now. I could ask help at school anyway.

I want to give chocolates again, because I want to thank everyone for their help in the past. Especially Isuzu-chan -- it's supposed to be her year I think. No, wait. Wouldn't that look like I'm teasing her? Just because it's the year of the horse doesn't mean that I should make a big deal out of it, right? And it's a curse after all. Curses aren't a good thing. So if I give her a chocolate horse like figure, wouldn't that offend her since it looks like I'm acknowledging her curse instead? Sigh. I guess I am overthinking, but I probably should just make a normal one for Isuzu-san.

Kyo-kun gave me a hint that he wants me to go on a trip with him this summer. It's still a long time, but I want to go. I asked him where he wants to go, but Kyo-kun couldn't give me a specific answer yet. I think he's really excited about the thought. He has tried it before and he said that it was the best experience. I haven't done anything such as spontaneous traveling or just going to different places for the sake of seeing the other parts of Japan or the world. And I want to give it a try this summer. But then he said that I have to do a lot of exercises leading to that day or else I'll just be a baggage. True, I would need a lot of stamina to keep up with Kyo-kun.

I'm still A- Okay. 7:56 PM

Monday, May 20, 2013

A-Okay Monday

dear diary,

It's raining. How I missed the sound of rain, because of the long winter. Spring really gives a magical feeling. I knew it was going to rain, that's why I already planned ahead. Porridge is perfect when it's raining.

The day was clear this morning. I had my doubt if I should bring my umbrella with me. Other people complain when it's a raining Monday. But today's my day. I brought my umbrella, and Kyo-kun didn't bring his.

We had to run back home, because I realized something. "You what?!" Kyo-kun yelled his disbelief.

"I forgot to remove the clothes from the clothesline!"

"Let's run for it!"

It was weird. We had an umbrella with us, but we were running. It only slowed us down. And I couldn't keep up with Kyo-kun. We decided to just dry them up with the new dryer.

It wouldn't have made any difference even if Kyo-kun and I ran for it all the way from school. The clothes were soaking wet. I placed everything in the dryer and started cooking dinner.

Around 6pm. "Hmm... Tohru, your porridge is burned." Remarked Kyo-kun when he opened the small stainless steel casserole.

"That's chocolate porridge. Try it. It's great with milk."

"Choco what?! Are you mad? Chocolate porridge?!"

"Just try it, Kyo-kun."

In the end, Kyo-kun almost finished everything and I was scared that there wouldn't be anything left for me, Shigure-san and Sohma-kun. I've used the last batch of ingredients for it. Anyway, there's still chocolate porridge left. Safe.

It's still raining and I love it. Sohma-kun came home around 6:45pm after a student council meeting. Shigure-san followed afterwards. Both of them had the same initial reaction. They asked me if I burned one batch of porridge, that's why there's two steel casseroles on top of the stove.

"It's chocolate porridge! You have to try it!" Before I could even answer, Kyo-kun appeared in the kitchen immediately. It seemed like he felt proud, because he was the first one to try it.

That's my Monday. It's still raining. I love to sleep when it's raining in the night. Except when there's thunder and lightning.

I'm still A- Okay. 9:20 PM

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

elbow grease

dear diary,

We've been blessed with clear skies and even warm weather. It wasn't any problem doing any laundry. Instead of fixing the dryer, the repairman recommended that it would be better to buy a new dryer. I didn't know if that was good news for me or not, because I wanted to pay for the charges of the repair. But buying a new dryer, can I afford buying a new one altogether? What do I do?!

Well. There's one thing I can do. I'm going to have to get more hours at work. I can do it!

I'm still A- Okay. 5:22 PM